FVMA Stream, 2021 Fan Vote Update

FVMA Stream, 2021 Fan Vote Update

22 February 2022 / by CIVL Radio

After months of waiting, through floods, mudslides, snowstorms, and of course the escalation and subsequent tamping down of a global pandemic, CIVL is FINALLY prepared to announced the winners of the 2021 Fraser Valley Music Awards during the first week of March.

Stay tuned to fvma.civl.ca for awards stream details, including a specific time and date, but in the meantime, we want to make sure you’re paying attention to the Dakota Leslie Memorial Fan Vote, and that you’re updated about how it works this year!

This year, the Fan Vote is what decides who gets how much of the $10,170 available to Fraser Valley musicians through the awards! So far, nearly 1200 unique votes have been cast on nearly 400 unique ballots, and the artists you’ve voted for will be receiving prize money based on what proportion of the votes are cast for them! Click here to access the voting form!

So, while we are casting away spoiled ballots that A) don’t name 3 different 2021 Fraser Valley Music Awards nominated artists, as well as B) ballots that have been cast by an email address that’s already voted, there is still time for artists to promote to their fans and supporters that they could use a bump to win some cash!

#FVMA21 and send people to this link to be able to vote for the rest of February!

Voting won’t affect the winners of each genre category in the 2021 FVMA’s, which have been decided by adjudication by our judges, however, the Fan Vote money distribution looks like this right now, with all of the names of artists removed, these are real time counts and values that will help you see how much voting has taken place to date, and maybe even assist in artists strategizing to do get a little more momentum!

The top 26 of 66 eligible artists are ranked thus far as such, with 22, or 1/3 of our nominees projected to earn a minimum of $150 each, in addition to any genre recognitions they’re awarded:

# of Votes Cast Projected $ Winnings!
83 763.19 Artist A
73 647.82 Artist B
69 621.20 Artist C
57 505.83 Artist D
57 505.83 Artist E
53 470.34 Artist F
47 417.09 Artist G
44 390.47 Artist H
42 372.72 Artist I
41 372.72 Artist J
33 292.85 Artist K
28 248.48 Artist L
27 248.48 Artist M
26 230.73 Artist N
22 221.85 Artist O
19 168.61 Artist P
19 168.61 Artist Q
19 168.61 Artist R
18 159.73 Artist S
17 159.73 Artist T
17 150.86 Artist U
17 150.86 Artist V
16 141.98 Artist W
14 124.24 Artist X
13 115.36 Artist Y
13 115.36 Artist Z


So far, each vote cast earns an artist just under $9, although the more votes we receive, the less each one will be worth. Even the LEAST voted for artists will all receive SOME financial value as a part of the Fan Vote, and who knows, some of them might also win their adjudicated category as well:

# of Votes Cast Projected $ Winnings!
3 26.62 Artist ZT
2 17.74 Artist ZU
2 17.74 Artist ZV
1 8.87 Artist ZW
1 8.87 Artist ZX
1 8.87 Artist ZY
1 8.87 Artist ZZ