BEMORR Society

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BEMORR Society

Our Mission. To support, educate, provide services and resources to empower positive mental health, and help those affected by PTSD. Also, to provide understanding and prevent suicide, by educating, advocating, stopping the Stigma (Breaking the Cycle) by speaking openly, and reaching out to those impacted by suicide. Providing a safe place for sharing stories, along with resources and access to services. Educating students and adults through schools, presentations, and seminars. Bringing awareness to the community through education, presentations and events. Stopping the Stigma of Mental Health and Suicide, making it okay to talk about it.

Supporting those in need of counselling and other wellness services. For those who are not able to afford the services, we will provide financial assistance. Financial assistance will come from donations and grants, and through fundraising events.


We exist to ensure those affected by mental health issues including PTSD and Suicidal thoughts/actions are empowered and supported to seek the help they need and feel safe to speak openly with cost of care not being a barrier.  We strive to destigmatize mental health challenges in general by providing education and awareness in Community and Nationally.


Mental Health issues are no longer stigmatized and those needing help get it without fear of judgement. Communities across Canada are supported, educated and responsive to the needs of those in mental health crisis.

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