5. Fraser Valley Music Awards July ’15-’16

5. Fraser Valley Music Awards July ’15-’16

24 January 2022 / by CIVL Radio
Funded by the Community Radio Fund of Canada

2016 Fraser Valley Music Awards: Trophies!

2016 FVMA Trophies

(Trophies created and designed by Robert Syrenne, RS Arts)

2016 Fraser Valley Music Awards: Winners

A few hundred people turned out to the Abbotsford Arts Centre Saturday evening for the inaugural Fraser Valley Music Awards. In addition to a dozen award presentations, the historical regional event featured live performances from thirteen Nominees: The Kwerks, Matt Lowen & Rick Genge, The Sylvia Platters, Paravel, Mollys Reech, Ria Jade, Alexis Lynn, Quinn Sojonky, James Buddy Rogers, Saint Soldier, Kin, and Harpdog Brown.

“CIVL listeners, FVMA attendees, nominees, winners, and volunteers have all been thanking us, saying we are leading the way in promoting and supporting Fraser Valley music,” explains CIVL Radio station manager Aaron Levy (who also hosted the show, along with Seth Bell). “And that’s our only goal!”

2016 FVMA Winners:

Hip Hop: Saint Soldier

Folk/Roots: Brennan Sinclair

Loud: We Hunt Buffalo

Alt: Doja

Rock: Little Wild

For and By Youth: Quinn Sojonky

Jazz: Eli Bennett

Blues: Harpdog Brown

Pop: John Welsh

Rhythm & Dance: YOU SAY PARTY

Experimental: Cheap High

Musicianship: Rick Genge

• Penticton Peach Fest headlining spot Aug.7: Kat & Tony

• Abbotsford Agrifair Headlining Spots July 29-31: Ria Jade, Alexis Lynn, Coalmont

• What’s On Artist of the Year: The Burn Ins

• Moda Events Art Battle Headlining Spot Oct.20: Kin

• Devon Clifford Music Foundation awarded $250 of Long & McQuade recording equipment to: Quinn Sojonky

• Fraser Valley Blues Society supplemented the Blues award with a bye to the International Blues Challenge Finale being held Sunday, Sept. 11th, with the winner going on to Memphis, TN in Jan. 2017: Harpdog Brown

• Headlining spot at UFV Cascades Basketball 2016-2017 Opening Weekend Nov.4th ($600 honorarium): Saint Soldier

• All Nominees received a photo session package ($370 value each) from Photo Art by Simpson

• Long & McQuade awarded $50 gift cards to multiple Winners: Harpdog Brown, Saint Soldier, Rick Genge, Cheap High, YOU SAY PARTY, John Welsh, Quinn Sojonky, Little Wild, Brennan Sinclair, We Hunt Buffalo.

• Glen Slingerland of 89.5 The Drive is awarding a “Getting Radio Airplay” workshop to one FVMA Winner: Casinos and The Kwerks
Dakota Leslie Memorial Live Act of the Year / #CIVLFVMABattle ($750 Cash Prize): Mollys Reech

• Jam in Jubilee Headlining Spot Aug.4: Saint Soldier



• Josh G (Chilliwack)

• MusicHouse (Abbotsford)

• Saint Soldier (Abbotsford) *WINNER*

• Felonius Chino (Abbotsford)


• Arsen Shomakhov (Burnaby)

• Harpdog Brown (Surrey) *WINNER*

• James Buddy Rogers (Maple Ridge)

• LazerKatz (Mission)

• The Burn Ins (recorded in Maple Ridge)


• Brennan Sinclair (Abbotsford) *WINNER*

• JD Miner (Langley)

• Matt Lowen (Chilliwack)

• Jeremy Allingham (Langley/Vancouver)

• Hrdwtr (Langley/Burnaby)


• The Kwerks (Langley)

• John Welsh Band (Harrison) *WINNER*

• Casinos (Abbotsford)

• The Sylvia Platters (Abbotsford)

• Plans and Disguises (Chilliwack)


• Herokah (Surrey)

• Queen Bee and The Buzzkills (Abbotsford)

• My Goal is Telepathy (Abbotsford)

• Stephen Carl O’Shea (New Westminster / Abbotsford)

• You Say Party (Abbotsford) *WINNER*



• Open Letters (Chilliwack)

• We Hunt Buffalo (Langley) *WINNER*

• Atodaso (Abbotsford)

• Molly Be Damned (Aldergrove)


• Eli Bennett (Port Coquitlam/Vancouver) *WINNER*

• Kat and Tony (Lake Errock)

• Dalannah and Owen (Mission)

• Brooklyn Potter (Chilliwack)


• Kin (Abbotsford)

• Cheap High (Abbotsford / Mission) *WINNER*

• Blessed (Abbotsford / Mission)

• Villain Villain (Abbotsford)

• Redrick Sultan (Port Coquitlam)


• Malk (Abbotsford / Mission)

• Doja (Abbotsford / Victoria) *WINNER*

• Thru Colorado (Langley)

• Western Jaguar (Abbotsford / Mission)

• Jonah August (Chilliwack)


• Little Wild (Abbotsford) *WINNER*

• Hawking (Surrey)

• Lori Paul & Spiderlodge (Chilliwack)

• Midnight Lions (Abbotsford)

• Sleep Science (Vancouver)


• Ishdafish (Hope)

• Quinn Sojonky (Abbotsford) *WINNER*

• Ria Jade (Maple Ridge)

• Alexis Lynn (Surrey)

• Lakeisha Hewitt (Chilliwack)


• Old Mare (Abbotsford)

• Tyler Neil Johnson (Abbotsford / Oslo Norway)

• The Aerophonics (Abbotsford)

• Rick Genge (Chilliwack) *WINNER*

• Coalmont (Abbotsford)



Nominees are eligible for the following prizes from various sponsors;

89.5 The Drive:  Free music business education session with The Drive’s Glen Singerland.

Abbotsford Agrifair: 3 opportunities to play for $200 on the Agrifair Main Stage on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the 2016 event! Plus additional opportunities to sing the national anthems at this well-attended event.

BadCat/MNet: 1 opportunity to play at the MNET Arts Club Theater for a featured performance, to be recorded, as well as an opportunity to perform at the 1st annual “MNET Radio Music Festival” at Centennial Park August 27, 2016

BC Musician Magazine: A feature article on the Artist in this regional music publication

Devon Clifford Music Foundation: $250+ to go towards recording and/or instrument/equipment purchase.

Fraser Valley Blues Society: The winner is receives a bye to the International Blues Challenge Finale being held Sunday, Sept. 11th, with the winner going on to Memphis, TN in Jan. 2017.

Long & McQuade Musical Instruments: $500 in Long & McQuade Gift Cards.

Moda Events: A live performance during an upcoming Fraser Valley Art Battle! Be the musical entertainment while 6 painters face off in 3×20 minute rounds with the winning painters being voted on by attendees!

Penticton Peach Fest: An opportunity to perform at this year’s event. This year’s headliner: Chilliwack!

UFV Athletics Dept: performance at first home game weekend of basketball season with $500 honorarium to a Hip Hop Artist

What’s On Abbotsford-Sumas: A feature article on the Artist in this uber-local events and arts publication!

100+ Artists Apply to FVMAs – Apr 30: Education Day & Nominee Announcement

The first ever Fraser Valley Music Awards is closed for submissions to the July 2016 event as of Tuesday, April 12, 2016.

CIVL and The FVMAs would like to invite you to attend the Nominations Announcement and Music Education Day on Saturday April 30 at the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford. The day will run from 11:00am to 4:00pm and will feature panels on a variety of music industry topics, question and answer sessions, and a conversation with You Say Party’s Stephen O’Shea, talking about the road to success for Abbotsford’s most notable local band. The announcement of the 2016 FVMA Nominees follows at 4:30pm. A full schedule of events will be up at www.CIVL.ca later this week. Additional industry representatives will be announced as well.

All FVMA applicants are invited to attend this session for free by RSVPing to fvma@civl.ca (admission for non-applicants is $5.00), and to stick around after our Education Day for the early evening Nominations Announcement and Press Conference, where the final list of categories and nominees will be presented for the first time.

With the submission period finally closed after 70 days, CIVL is proud to announce the final tallies of this inaugural round of FVMA applications. 109 total applications came in, representing over 300 unique musicians who live, work, record, or hail from the Fraser Valley, representing each of New Westminster, Coquitlam, Surrey, White Rock, Maple Ridge, Mission, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Hope.

“We are just overwhelmed with both the quality and quantity of support that we’ve received from this initiative so far,” says CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy. “Whether it’s support from sponsors, local venues from within and outside of our direct community, musicians who continue to keep letting us know how excited they are to be a part of the ground floor of this event, or music lovers who just want to get involved!”

You can also tune in Sundays at 12 pm on 101.7 FM for Waves and Valleys hosted by FVMA Coordinator James Kasper, featuring live performances and interviews from FVMA applicants right up until the awards show! Find all episodes here as soon as they’re aired! http://www.tinyurl.com/hunch5

Prizes You Can Win:

  • Paid Gigs Opening for Higher Profile Artists
  • Free Recording Time
  • One-on-One Meetings with PR/Booking/Management professionals
  • Interviews/Articles/Promotion in Local and Regional Music/Entertainment Publications
  • Slots to Play on Festival Rosters
  • Free Professional Photography
  • Cash

Opportunities You Get JUST BY APPLYING:

  • Invitation to CIVL’s FVMA Nominee Music Education Event with Industry Professionals and Successful Artists Offering Insight, Feedback, Support, and Direction
  • Chance to Perform in Front of 700 People on a Stage With Professional Lighting/Sound
  • Chance to be Included in A Compilation Album Promoted by CIVL Across Canada

More Opportunities and Prizes Are Being Developed Every Day! Tell Us What Interests You and What Value Bands Need That We Are Not Providing Them Yet!

Music Submissions in February

A new major music event is coming to the Fraser Valley. Thanks to a $50,000 grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada (CRFC) successfully landed by Abbotsford’s 101.7 CIVL Radio, the first-ever Fraser Valley Music Awards will be held in Abbotsford in July of 2016.

FVMA Coordinator James Kasper (who founded the Vancouver Island Music Awards in 2002) says the event’s mandate will be to celebrate local arts and culture and provide resources and support for local musicians.

“The music scene is not going to be the same next year, so we need to acknowledge it this year. The aim of this event is to inject new life into local arts and culture. There is an abundance of great music in the Fraser Valley, and we want to bring attention to it and bring all facets of the scene together on one night to network and celebrate.”

Musicians in the Fraser Valley will be asked to provide their music to the FVMA Jury when the Submission Period begins February 1st. In the meantime, CIVL Radio is recruiting volunteers and seeking out sponsors to attach their name to this exciting new initiative.

“We think the talent exists in the Valley at a level whereby the next Arcade Fire or Feist can be from east of the bridge,” explains CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy. “Our goal is to provide a jumping off point from which they can achieve that level of success.”

Over the past few years, CIVL Radio has organized similar events, including a Battle of the Bands whose winners have gone on to the Peak Performance Project (Derrival) and The Fox Seeds competition (John Welsh). Western Jaguar won the 2015 Battle. A 2016 Battle of the Bands will be one of the major events leading up to the 2016 Fraser Valley Music Awards. An FVMA compilation album will also be released in the months prior to the main event in July.

The FVMA mandate is to:

  • Honour the talent and hard work of Fraser Valley musicians
  • Celebrate local arts & culture
  • Showcase Independent artists to the general public
  • Provide an opportunity for all members of the regional music industry to network
  • Present a memorable and exciting event to music fans and the music community
  • Offer an avenue of exploring music for fans of alternative and community media
    Those interested in getting involved in the first-ever Fraser Valley Music Awards – sponsors or volunteers – are encouraged to email fvma@civl.ca or call (604) 851-6330.


To get involved in the FVMAs, contact us at the information above, check back to this page, or Like our Facebook page here: CIVL Radio on Facebook.