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Speaking Out with Jami Petsche

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As someone with 17 years of experience working in the homeless sector, I have witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of fatal overdoses on individuals and their loved ones. It is time to take action and prevent further loss of life by making it mandatory for all companies that sell first aid kits to include a Naloxone kit. Click here to sign the petition and demonstrate your support!

Come join me on CIVL 101.7 and be inspired by the amazing people I will be speaking with.
We will speak to some very important topics, that may carry a lot of stigma.
I dare you to open your mind, body, and soul, to receive some amazing testimonies from my peers, colleagues and clients alike.
I want to create a very safe, non-judgmental platform for people to be vulnerable and share their journey and some of the amazing work they are doing in our community.
Some thoughts and feelings may strike a chord and hopefully inspire you to reach out if needing help, as well as feel a deeper connection to the people around you.


My hope is that “you” the listeners will tune in and offer your feedback around what topics need to be talked about?
As well as, I encourage you to be a guest on my podcast.
If you have some important information that would be useful to our communities, or if you feel like sharing your testimony as a part of your healing journey, I welcome you!
Every topic talked about will follow with some links to resources that may vary, depending on availability.

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