The Freaky Freaky Show


The Freaky Freaky Show


The Freaky Freaky Show is a rock-and-roll radio show, which focuses on the !earshot Canadian Campus Radio Charts, with slight variations, and heavy tendencies. This show should not be consumed by minors, and should come with a 60% volume discount for seniors. If you sustain physical injury while listening to this show, neither its producers nor CIVL Radio accept responsibility for said injuries. CIVL Radio will not be responsible for broken noise bylaws, or the cost of putting them back together as it relates to this program. Mental abuse is not welcome on The Freaky Freaky Show; however, the show will be holding auditions for its traveling circus component soon. This show has a mind of its own, I am stuck inside of the show and it will not let me out. The Freaky Freaky Show: Brought to you from the makers of Hydrogen.

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