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The Way I See It

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For several years now, Justin P. Goodrich has been involved with community-based media.  A former political television show host (DCTV-4) and public affairs newspaper columnist (Delta Optimist), Justin has always had a passion for effecting change through media.  Today, Justin brings both his experience and passion to CIVL Radio as the Host & Producer of “The Way I See It.” 

Designed to serve as a vehicle to unite the community with both its elected officials and other key leaders, Justin hopes that “The Way I See It” will eventually become the primary means for discussing and debating topics that are of importance to listeners.  Whether they are regional issues within the Fraser Valley, or issues of a provincial, national or even international nature, if it’s important to you, “The Way I See It” is committed to making it important to us.

To submit your questions, comments or make suggestions, please email the show at

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