Now Hiring: Local Journalism Initiative (LJI) Short Term PT Contract

Now Hiring: Local Journalism Initiative (LJI) Short Term PT Contract

14 December 2023 / by CIVL Radio
Funded by the Community Radio Fund of Canada

CIVL is also now hiring a part-time news producer. The producer will work with CIVL’s news host, the station manager, as well as CRFC project coordinators to plan and execute the highest quality and quantity of news output as possible during the funding period.

Prospective candidates can expect to work on a wide variety of topics and issues, producing interviews and stories featuring notable interviewees at the local, regional, provincial and federal level.

The Local Journalism Initiative is intended to assist community radio stations whose listenership is based in areas that are either underserved by local news outlets, or are categorized as ‘news deserts’. With no local commercial spoken word radio content based in Abbotsford, and no truly daily local news publications, CIVL has been awarded this funding in order to engage in the essential local story collection and circulation of news that keeps communities vibrant, informed, and accountable.

Job description and other details are included below and available at

Job Description:
Responsibilities include:
Recording/editing/producing all news interviews
Maintaining effective and regular communique with CIVL and CRFC staff daily/weekly
Participating in planning of stories/interviews/guests/broadcasts
Shared research and fact checking duties
Some shared booking responsibilities as needed
Uploading/sharing content with CRFC for feedback/revision and release/promotion

Excellent oral, written and verbal communication skills
Experience in journalism is an asset
Experience in news collection or production is an asset
Demonstrated success working in diverse teams
Demonstrated ability to meet many tight deadlines in short order
High comfort level multi-tasking and managing multiple objectives with efficiency
Professional experience in an anti-oppressive environment
Strong knowledge of policy and public administration
Keenly up to date on local/regional/national/world politics
Excellent computer/technical skills
Experience with audio/video editing is an asset
Experience managing professional social media accounts is an asset
Fastidious attention to detail is a must

Terms: $30.21/hr 17.5 hrs/week ($7,403.83 gross)
January 8 – April 14th
Send Cover Letter and Resumes to: jobopportunity (at) civl (dot) ca
Subject Line: LJI Producer Hiring
Posting closes: December 29th 2023 11:59 pm PST
CIVL encourages applications from under-represented communities, including women, first nations peoples, people of colour, lesbian/gay/queer/transgender, people with physical and mental disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS, and people whose age, education, or economic status may be a barrier to employment. CIVL does not discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, or class. Only those applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.