CIVL Mini-School; Learn to Make Radio! Funded by the CRFC

CIVL Mini-School; Learn to Make Radio! Funded by the CRFC

10 May 2021 / by CIVL Radio
Scott Carrier Poster

The CIVL Mini-School was developed by Gordon Katic of Cited, as part of a Community Radio Fund of Canada Radiometers grant called the Creative Dialogue Project, written by Dave Cusick and Aaron Levy.

As part of the CIVL Mini-School, Gordon coordinated a series of workshop and speaker events aimed at building the capacity within our community to be more aware of, and become better engaged in Campus and Community Radio.

If you want to get involved with making radio, but don’t necessarily want to volunteer to host a weekly show at CIVL, we hope that the below content will help you get an idea of how to approach making radio yourself, and how to think about putting together the kinds of stories you find interesting!

Please visit these pages for more information on each of the Mini-School classes!

Class 1 (Sterritt/Mullins)

Class 2 (Partnow/Forsythe/Emtman)

Class 3 (Mullane/Greenspan)

While former CIVL President and eventual station manager at CFMH of UNB Saint John and CFUV Victoria, Glen Ess, was also hired as the Production Assistant who worked on many of the Mini-School projects you’ll hear in the podcasts, UFV Geography student Sarah Speight was hired as our Research Assistant, and has provided these invaluable tools for people looking for direction and resources addressing many important but marginalized communities. After attending our Mini-School workshops, Sarah also developed this pamphlet specifically on…

Avoiding Bias on the Radio:Bias in journalism-1 Bias in journalism-2

This resource is to help programmers addressing local Indigenous groups.

How To Report on Indigenous Communities Responsibly:IndignenousBrouchure2017-1 IndignenousBrouchure2017-2