Common Room Recording Grant

Common Room Recording Grant

20 January 2022 / by CIVL Radio

The Common Room Recording Grant was officially launched June 17, 2019.  The aim is to provide financial and social support to artists who have little to no experience with the process of recording.  This document will be divided into four segments outlining each step of the process and the requirements and details that run with it.  Beginning with the details of the grant; it’s purpose and criteria for those looking to apply; and finishing with the steps of:

– The Application Process

– Selecting the Recipient

– Awarding the Grant

The grant not only aims to provide financial assistance but also an opportunity for mentorship throughout the recording process that can include budgeting, choosing a studio, and mixing and mastering.

The Details

The CRRG is a community funded in partnership with CIVL Radio 101.7.

– All applications will be considered, but the jury will prioritize the following guidelines for applicants:

– The grant is open for all genres of music.

– The artists must live within the Fraser Valley

– Applicants must be working towards a recording project or be in the process of a recording project

– Applicants must be unsigned and independently financed

– Applicants must submit an application (provided by Common Room) outlining their intended recording project

– Applicants will only be awarded the grant 1-time

– EP or LP

This recording grant is an entry level grant with the intent in helping artists who haven’t had the opportunity to record in a professional setting. Applicants that have already produced music are not ineligible, but will be in consideration against applicants who have not.

 How to apply

– Complete this form!

– In the future we may switch to a downloadable pdf file.  The applicant will then be required to print and mail the application.

– Applications will be open from August, 2021 to October, 2021. The winner will be announced at the Fraser Valley Music Awards, November 18, 2021.

– Applications are discarded after each grant is awarded and will need to re-apply when the grant is again fulfilled

– There is no application fee

– Applicant will provide samples of any past recordings and for Grant II, a short video.

Selecting the Recipient

The process in which the recipient of the CRRG is chosen is through a small group of jurors. The group of jurors will be in charge of reviewing the applications and choosing unanimously ONE artist/band.  In every jury group, one juror will be a Common Room director and a CIVL director; the other jurors will be selected by diversity in musical background.  The Common Room director will be in charge of coordinating the meetings and aim to select a recipient in 1-2 meetings.  The recipient will be chosen on the basis of project understanding and clarity, creativity, professionalism, and upon the judges interest to see the album be finished.

– Judges will read every application and listen to recording samples and watch every movie.

Awarding the Grant

Immediately after awarding the grant CR & CIVL will set-up a meeting with the recipient. Meeting will include:

– Budgeting for album

– Release vision

– Selecting a recording studio to record the album at

– CR will provide a list of studios

– If the recipient would like to choose a studio outside of the list, CR will get in contact with the studio

– If the recipient would like an alternative studio/producer within the Fraser Valley, it will be subject to approval from the Common Room board.

Recipients will have 1 YEAR from the date of being awarded to have the album finished and provide “check-ins” with Common Room Music Co. outlining progress and how things are going.  After the project is complete we have a showcase. Awarded money will go directly from Common Room & CIVL to the studio of choice.


– Logos provided by Common Room Music Co. must be displayed in the artwork of any printed copies of the finished project, or in any credits on digital platforms.

– Winners must consent to receive on-air promotion through CIVL Radio 101.7, and digital promotion through Common Room Music however they please.

– Recipients must consent to having absolutely no forms of defamation or hate-speech in their lyrics.

– The CCRG will finance studio work and recording only.  If the recipient has some of the grant left over then usage of the finances is subject to approval from the Common Room board.