Jam in Jubilee, Artys Awards, and other Video Streams

Jam in Jubilee, Artys Awards, and other Video Streams

3 February 2022 / by CIVL Radio

In March of 2020, Jam in Jubilee was the first local cultural group event to begin planning to ‘pivot’ it’s live, in person, musical performance event towards an online streaming series.

As a result, Jam in Jubilee ended up hosting the first ever Winter Jam, a second season of Jam in Jubilee video streams, a series of discussions with CIVL Music Director Audrey MacDonald and a host of music industry experts, and the talented team that put these streaming series’ together also hosted the Abbotsford Arts Council’s Arty Awards for 2020 and 2021.

Finally, in August 2021, the National Campus and Community Radio Awards featured some of the amazing Jam in Jubilee stream video recordings as their featured music content for the live stream, where they awarded community radio achievements from across Canada!

View these different recordings by selecting the previewed items below: